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I meet Fabio at the Free Wings Paragliding School early on the next morning to begin my airborne adventure. We drive to Wasserauen, and then take the Ebenalp Cable Car up to the Alpstein massif peak that is the ideal take-off platform.

My co-pilot checks our equipment after it has been rigged, and I hope he won't notice that my legs are trembling uncontrollably. Checking the time, I make sure that the Tag Heuer Replica Watches Limited Edition watch is securely attached to the outside of my jacket. The time is 10am. Perfect timing as I get the order to run.

Sophie Furley paragliding in Free Wings wearing the Tag Heuer Replica Watches limited edition

I thought that we would have to run from the edge, but after three steps the sail lifted us high above the take-off area. It is exciting, but strangely not frightening despite the thousands of meters below us. It must be the closest thing to flying. The purest form of flight, paragliding uses the air's power to fly. Fabio tells me he flew all the way from St. Gallen to Geneva using thermals. He took over 10 hours to make the trip.

Tag Heuer Replica Watches Limited Edition is even more impressive as we fly through the clouds. My heart rate has now dropped to a comfortable level. Tag Heuer Replica Watches has always had a strong connection to aviation, and their first "Big Crown Pilot" watches date back to 1938. The partnership between the brand and the air rescue foundation Rega began last year with Tag Heuer Replica Watches Altimeter Rega Limited Edition, and continues with beauty on my wrist this year.

The Tag Heuer Replica Watches Limited Edition is quite large at 45mm. However, most pilot watches are larger in size to allow pilots to read them during flight. The Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches Limited Edition's black dial with white luminous markings, and gunmetal-gray finish reduces the glare of the sun. The Tag Heuer Replica Watches Limited Edition also has a GMT feature with a brightly-tipped red hand that moves around a 24-hour scale on the dial's outer edge. This function is not useful to me as I have not changed time zones. However, it could be extremely helpful for Rega pilots who are traveling internationally for patient repatriation.