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The lovely people from Gretz Communications invited me to test watches in St. Gallen (a Swiss-German city), but I politely declined their offer. Even though I enjoy walking in the Swiss countryside, it doesn't make a good watch review. That was it, I thought.

The St. Gallen Tourist Board was informed that I didn't find their city exciting enough, and they weren't having it! What had I done? I signed up for paragliding and acrobatic pargliding before I even knew what I was doing!

It was obvious that there was no turning back; I asked for adventure, and I would get it! I suggested that we do just one activity -- acrobatic pargliding, without doing too many "acrobatics". I must be able test the watch and do the acrobatics at the same moment, right?

Jaeger Lecoultre Replica Watches was the only watch I would take on this adventure. It was a special edition timepiece that was created in collaboration with Swiss air rescue. I thought it would be helpful if I ever got into trouble to have their watch. The Jaeger Lecoultre Replica Watches is one of the most legible timepieces for pilots, and I hoped that it would provide me with a distraction as I jumped off the edge of the mountain.

We check in at the Hotel Einstein (Rolex Submariner Replica) and then head to the old town. The architecture changes as you move from the French to German speaking side of Switzerland. St. Gallen's medieval half-timbered homes and oriel windows are a visual treat, and they sit harmoniously with the more modern creations of artists and architects such as Spanish/Swiss Santiago Calatrava or Austrian/New Zealand Friedensreich Hundrtwasser.

Schlossli is a gourmet restaurant in a medieval castle where we enjoy the cuisine of the region and its exquisite wines. The Blue St. Gall potato is used to make a purple-colored soup. It's a sight, let alone a taste. The house also offers smoked trout, smoked from the Seez river and served cold with a tartare of fennel and orange. I would be more than happy to eat this as my last meal.